Goretzka teases Lewandowski by claiming he was ‘very spoiled’ at Bayern by consistent Champions League progression

Robert Lewandowski Barcelona Champions League 2022-23
  • Goretzka teases Lewandowski
  • Barcelona struggling in Champions League
  • Bayern face Barcelona next

WHAT HAPPENED? Goretzka who played alongside Lewandowski for four seasons at Bayern Munich, took a dig at his former colleague and new club Barcelona who are currently running the risk of crashing out of the Champions League group stage for the second season in a row.

WHAT THEY SAID: Speaking to BILD, the Bayern midfielder said, “Lewy was very spoiled at Bayern, always progressing at least to the round of 16. But it is what it is – now we can no longer take that into consideration.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: The last time Bayern Munich were ousted from the Champions League group stage was 20 years back in the 2002-03 season. They have beaten Barcelona in their last five meetings with the Spanish giants in the Champions League. Barca will go out of the competition if Inter beat Viktoria Plzen on Wednesday.


Goretzka Lewandowski

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Robert Lewandowski Barcelona 2022-23Getty ImagesLewandowski 2022-23Getty

WHAT NEXT BAYERN & BARCELONA? The two sides are set to lock horns on October 26 in the Champions League at Barcelona. Bayern have already qualified and will top Group C with a win.

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